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ORICAS Import and Export (Beijing) Corporation


东方国科(北京)进出口有限公司(简称:东方国科, 英文名:ORICAS Import and Export (Beijing) Corporation 简称:ORICAS)是东方科仪控股集团有限公司(简称:东方科仪控股)的全资子公司,成立于2016年5月9日,注册资本5000万元。东方国科的成立是东方科仪控股实现“一业为主,相关多元”的综合性科贸控股企业集团战略的重要举措。原集团总部主营的核心进出口业务及相关服务将逐步平移到东方国科运营。




Company Profile

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of OSIC HOLDINGS,  ORICAS Import and Export (Beijing) Corporation (Referred to as “ORICAS” hereinafter) was founded on May 9, 2016, with registered capital of RMB 50 million yuan. The establishment of ORICAS is an important measure for the realization of the Group's strategy of being “solo industry-oriented, meanwhile open to diversity”, gradually taking up the Group's core business, import and export business and related services.

ORICAS continues to specialize in international business and live up to its mission of providing first-rate import and export trade and related service for domestic scientific research institutes, Colleges and universities and manufacturersmaintaining extensive and intensive relations and cooperation with global world-class scientific research institutions, scientific equipment manufacturers, high-tech enterprises and trading companies. With the driving of import and export trade, ORICAS makes efforts to develop the domestic market, aiming to establish a good new high-tech enterprise.

The operating team of ORICAS, the same team of OSIC HOLDINGS, is a team with high quality, high efficiency and rich experience in international trade, among which the business personnel have the professional background of science and engineering, foreign trade, warehousing and transportation. Meanwhile, ORICAS is equipped with advanced ERP system to monitor the contract signing, approved documents, foreign payment, customs transport, contract settlement and other business procedures and make quick respond so as to provide our customers with high-class whole package service and won a good reputation in the industry.

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